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China packaging research and testing center - CPRTC (headquarters)
Address: no. 2 haichuan street, huanghai road, tianjin economic and technological development zone
Zip code: 300457
Telephone: 022-66231600
Fax: 022-66231600
Email address:
Testing business consultation telephone:
Product reliability and transportation packaging inspection consultation: 022-66231623 022-66237812
Packaging materials and product testing consultation: 022-66231625 022-66237811
Fax: 022-66231624
Market development department: 022-66231632:
Technical service hotline: 022-66231610
Scientific research business consultation: 022-66231619
Industry work department (ISTA - China, package committee - TCCPF) : 022-66231622 66231627 email:
Field branch:
Shanghai office is mainly engaged in business consulting, business administration, marketing and other work.
Contact: miss xu
Email address:
Address: 460 miao qiao road, pudong new area, Shanghai
Zip code: 201319
Suzhou branch as the center of different laboratories, transport packaging, packaging materials testing, can be center report, issued by the Yangtze river delta region, such as to Sue the shanghai-hangzhou enterprises provide convenient testing service.
Telephone: 0512-66578956
Contact: Yang hushan
Email address:
Address: no. 288 jinfengnan road, wuzhong district, suzhou city
Zip code: 215101

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China Packaging Research & Test Center

China packaging research and testing center (CPRTC) 
E-mail:300457  Tel:022-66231600   E-mail:
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