China packaging research and testing center (CPRTC), a sino-french government technical cooperation project, opened in 1988.Center is located in tianjin economic ...

Study and publicity of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress
The physical examination room and chemical microbiological detection room of China packaging research and testing center complet
After two months of construction, China packaging research and testing center's physical examination room, chemical microbiological detection room renovation project has been completed successfully, has been put into use.

After transforming the layout more scientific and reasonable measure of each function, the indoor environment more beautiful atmosphere, ventilation system and chromatography and gas centralized supply system more security and stability of high efficiency, will help to further improve the measure the work efficiency and ensure the test quality analysis, effectively reduce the cross contamination probability sample.

Microbial measure the additional liquid chemical combination instrument is widely used in pharmaceutical analysis, material analysis, environmental analysis and other fields, has a high sensitivity, flux performance is good, fast analysis speed, high accuracy etc, it in liquid chromatography separation system, mass spectrometry as the detection system.Modified chemical microorganism measure for analysis of harmful substances in packaging such as heavy metals, plasticizer, organic solvent residual, bisphenol A, F and derivatives, nonyl phenolic substances, chemical material such as melamine and coliform bacteria, yeast and mold, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, volunteers hayes bacteria, e. coli and other microbial detection more accurate quickly.

Through facilities transformation and the introduction of new equipment has been greatly improved center for testing, biology, medicine, food and other related project testing conditions, improved the level testing, more conducive to carry out the relevant food inspection, quality, etc;We will be more conducive to responding to emergencies of food security, strengthening emergency inspection and testing capabilities, and effectively ensuring public food safety.
The standard review of packaging material honeycomb board will be successfully held
According to the ministry of industry and information technology of the third batch of 2014 industry standard system revision plan issued notice (ministry office [2014] no. 628), put forward by China packaging federation
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